Macro Photography

Macro is a style of photography that emphasizes getting really up close and personal with your subject, highlighting tiny details that may not be readily apparent to the naked eye. Some photographers really take this to an extreme, and it’s impossible to tell the original subject of the photo without a caption.

So how do you get this effect using Photon? It might be counter intuitive, but you should choose the lens with the shortest focal distance, which is 0.5x (ultra-wide lens) rather than 3x. With the 0.5x lens, you can get as close as 2 centimeters to your subject while maintaining focus. While Photon does a fantastic job with autofocus, you may find that you want different details in focus than it chose. In this case, using manual focus is a must. To use manual focus, just tap the square reticle button and start moving the wheel, it’s that simple!

Next, you may want to experiment with using a flash, for really highlighting those tiny details. It may not be appropriate in all cases, but you may be surprised by the extra bit of oomph it can lend a composition when used in the right place.

Finally, choose your subject carefully. It’s going to be much harder to get super close to a dragonfly than say an orange peel. Practice getting to know the controls and get a feel for your artistic style with easy to access and control subjects like plants or inanimate objects, before moving to more volatile subjects like bugs.

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