Appendix: System Requirements

Photon supports devices running iOS 16 or higher, however some features may require specific hardware in order to function, as noted:

  • 48 Megapixel Resolution: Requires an iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, or better.
  • True RAW: Requires an iPhone 6s or better. iPad 12-inch second generation or higher.
  • ProRAW: Requires an iPhone 12 Pro or higher Pro/Pro Max model. Not available on iPad.
  • Front Facing Flash: Requires an iPhone 6/6s (or later), iPad mini 5 (or later), iPad 5 (or later), iPad Air 3 (or later), and all iPad Pro models except the first generation.

If you believe you have an incompatibility not listed here or are having trouble accessing features, please contact support via the in-app bug reporter which will submit the details of your device to us for further investigation.

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