Photon version 2.1 adds Bracketing

We have a really exciting update to Photon to share with you. So without further ado, here are the full release notes:

Dive into the world of bracketing with Photon 2.1! Whether you’re capturing challenging high-contrast scenes or experimenting with different exposure values, our new bracketing feature empowers you to unleash your creative potential. Effortlessly capture a series of photos at three different exposure levels and choose the best shot or blend them in your favorite photo editor for stunning HDR imagery. Activate bracketing by tapping the new button within the manual exposure tools (just to the left of zebra stripes). After activation you’ll automatically and instantly get 3 photos when you press the shutter – one at your specified exposure, one at up to EV+2 and one at up to EV -2 within the limits of the selected camera.

Focus Peaking and Zebra Stripes are on the move! We’ve listened to your feedback and made these essential tools more accessible. Now, you can quickly toggle Focus Peaking and Zebra Stripes from within the manual control screens without having to deep dive into other menus. They will also stay on while active rather than fading out after a few seconds.

Say goodbye to thumbnail lag and slow shooting speeds! Our comprehensive rewrite of the storage system significantly enhances performance, ensuring you can browse your gallery smoothly and capture shots or burst photos faster than ever. Don’t let a slow app keep you from capturing those fleeting moments.

If you have any comments, questions, problems, or suggestions please let us know via the in-app bug reporter or via If you haven’t purchased Photon yet, you can find it here.